Learning You Have A Voice: Insights from Sarah Bessey - Enneagram 9 (The Peacemaker) - Episode 23

January 11, 2017

Today's guest on The Road Back To You is Sarah Bessey (Enneagram 9): Blogger, Speaker, Wife, Mother of four, and Author of two books, Out of Sorts: Making Peace with an Evolving Faith and Jesus Feminist: An Invitation to Revisit the Bible's View of Women.

If you tend to do anything to avoid conflict or wrestle with the importance of your life, then Sarah's perspective will be eye opening for you. From this incredibly insightful woman who jokes about being passive aggressive as her "spiritual gift," you will learn how being a peacemaker can become both a virtue and a vice.

Listen now as we discover how 9's are natural meditators and why healthy nines learn to make decisions based on right priorities.

Being Judged Before You Are Known - A Conversation With Jo Saxton - Enneagram 8 - Episode 22

January 4, 2017

Our guest in Episode 22 is Jo Saxton (Enneagram8);Author, Speaker, Host of the popular podcast "Lead Stories," Chairman of the Board for a large non-profit, Lutheran Pastor, and as she so energetically puts it, “a Nigerian Londoner.” And if that isn't enough, Relevant Magazine has just listed Jo as one of “7 Leaders to Follow in 2017.”

Jo is every bit an Enneagram 8. She’s a bundle of energy who doesn’t just walk into a room; she owns it. But with this confidence, you will learn that there is a price to pay. A price because she is a woman and also because she is a woman of color.

If you have every felt betrayed, misunderstood, or judged before someone took the time to get to know you, then this episode of The Road Back To You could change your life.

As Jo talks to Ian and Suzanne, you will begin to see how she has learned that she is not just tolerated by God, but rather she is fearfully and wonderfully made. God celebrates her personality and her life!

Finding a Place of Honesty - A Conversation with Jim Danaher - Enneagram 3 - Episode 21

December 14, 2016

You would think that a Professor of Philosophy and author of five books would, for the most part, have life figured out. But what we learn from today's guest Jim Danaher (Enneagram 3) is that we all need to continue to do soul-work, to strengthen the muscles of self-observation to get to a place of honesty.

Jim, an academic and expert on contemplative prayer, speaks of how coming into stillness helps us see that it's not enough to find our identity in our image and what we accomplish.

In Ian and Suzanne's conversation with an Enneagram 3, we learn how to step away from the constant need to overachieve and recognize the importance of being instead of just doing.

Anger, Vulnerability, and Spiritual Transformation: Insight from Patrick Chappell - Enneagram 8 - Episode 20

December 7, 2016

Enneagram 8's are known to be aggressive, champions of justice, and people who welcome opposition. Our guest Patrick Chappell is the only African American staff member in a large southern church, an Enneagram 8, and one of the best people we know to help us understand how our individual life story shapes our personality.

Ian, Suzanne, and Patrick explore dealing with feelings of betrayal and how to manage our anger to live a life of grace.

Because of Patrick's unique situation, he offers keen insight to help us gain a deeper understanding and compassion for one other.

Living In An Age of Profound Anxiety: A Conversation with Jeff Chu - Enneagram 6 - Episode 19

November 30, 2016

Our guest today on The Road Back To You is Jeff Chu (Enneagram 6), a journalist whose work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Travel+Leisure, The Wall Street Journal, and Time Magazine. He is the author of Does Jesus Really Love Me?: A Gay Christian's Pilgrimage in Search of God in America and currently a student at Princeton Seminary.

As a writer who has professionally spent most of his career telling other people's story, Jeff explores how examining his own story has lead to the discovery of a kinder, better, more loving version of himself.

His conversation with Ian and Suzanne will help you understand how a person who comes from a culture that doesn't tend to honor self-examination and uniqueness of identity has utilized the Enneagram to help provide a better framework and new vocabulary for shaping his life.


Reclaiming Hope: A Conversation with Michael Wear on Politics, the Enneagram, and how America moves forward - Episode 18

November 16, 2016

The election is over. How do you feel?

For some, the response to what happened last week is pure elation, and others complete disgust. But for most, the feelings are likely surrounded by confusion, fear, apprehension, and uncertainty about the future.

As promised, author and political strategist Michael Wear returns to The Road Back To You to help Ian and Suzanne examine what just happened and how it profoundly affects everyone.

Here are some things that you don't want to miss:

  • How to approach opposing viewpoints with the expectation of gaining perspective that sharpens your thinking.
  • How to avoid using your passion as a weapon to silence others, or to coerce or manipulate the conversation your way.
  • How to utilize the Enneagram to help understand your motivation.
  • How to respond to others instead of reacting.
  • How to discover a path of hope in the midst of profound disappointment.

Join Ian, Suzanne, and Michael as they navigate the troubled waters of our current times and help us all see the need for grace, compassion and a deeper understanding of self as we move into the future.

“How Do You Manage The Unrest In Your Soul?” A Heart-To-Heart Encounter With Michael Cusick (Enneagram 2) - Episode 17

November 10, 2016

Do you feel like St. Paul, wondering why you continue to do the very things you don’t want to do?

Do you desire something that seems unavailable to you … knowing you are safe; feeling like you are wanted; believing your needs will be taken care of?

This week on The Road Back to You, Suzanne and Ian interview Michael Cusick, a psychotherapist, ordained minister, speaker, and author of Surfing For God: Discovering the Divine Desire Beneath Sexual Struggle.

Michael brings an incredible depth of professional and personal experience to our conversation as he describes his life as a broken man on a journey to wholeness.

Listen as we explore:

  • The wisdom of the Enneagram as a helpful tool for healing and change in your marriage
  • Overcoming the message that it is wrong to love yourself
  • Understanding and awareness in dealing with addiction that is part of Enneagram wisdom
  • The reality that the Enneagram shows you exactly where you fail and the gifts you have for success at the same time

Don’t miss this opportunity to understand and experience both mercy and grace. We can all experience a deeper intimacy and love for ourselves, God and others.

Who Are You On Social Media? A conversation with Austin Graff (Enneagram 2 or 6?) - Episode 16

November 2, 2016

Have you been listening to The Road Back To You podcast and still don't know your Enneagram number?

Then you're not alone.

Our guest this week is Austin Graff; Talent Acquisition and Branding Specialist for The Washington Post, and former social media specialist for International Justice Mission and Honest Tea.

Austin has known about the Enneagram for several years and is struggling to choose between the two numbers that sound like him. In this episode, as Austin explores whether he is an Enneagram 2 or 6, Suzanne and Ian will help you walk this road of discovery. You will take the beginning steps of living life with intentionality and awareness through life's imperfect journey!

Also, Austin will help you understand how social media can improve or damage your ability for self-awareness, and how you can utilize it to extend grace to others and be more authentic.

The Enneagram and the Creative Process: Part 2 with Cindy Morgan (Enneagram 4) and Andrew Greer (Enneagram 2) - Episode 15

October 26, 2016

Last week Ian and Suzanne interviewed Cindy Morgan and Andrew Greer, Enneagram 4 and 2 respectively, and how their personality traits impact their relationship with each other as touring musicians and songwriters.

This week, in Part 2 of their interview, they dive deeper into their Enneagram numbers, and explore:

1. How 4's are the only number on the Enneagram who can bear witness to the pain and not have to fix it.
2. The meaning of being present to the Presence.
3. Where 2’s and 4’s go in the midst of stress and security.
4. How their personality type affects their songwriting and creative process.

And once again, Cindy and Andrew will share two songs that exhibit the emotion of their particular Enneagram number. Enjoy!

The Enneagram and the Creative Process: Insight from Cindy Morgan (Enneagram 4) and Andrew Greer (Enneagram 2) - Part 1 - Episode 14

October 18, 2016

Do you ever wonder how the Enneagram can help in your relationship with another person?

Maybe you work with someone who is on the opposite side of the personality spectrum, and you have a hard time connecting or relating to them.

Well, this week's podcast should be very helpful for you!

Ian and Suzanne interview Cindy Morgan (Enneagram 4) and Andrew Greer (Enneagram 2); two of Nashville's finest singer/songwriters who write, tour and sing together.

While they are both in the heart/feeling triad, Cindy, as an Enneagram 4 tends to focus inward while Andrew, an Enneagram 2, directs all his energy toward others. In their delightful conversation, you will begin to see how their two orientations help strengthen their bond and make them the incredibly creative and productive duo that they are today.

And if that wasn't enough, they will perform two songs, live in The Road Back To You studio.

And Join us next time as we continue our conversation with Cindy Morgan and Andrew Greer in The Enneagram and the Creative Process - Part 2