The Road Back to You: Looking at Life Through the Lens of the Enneagram

Savor Everything: An Interview with Shauna Niequist - Enneagram 7 (The Enthusiast) - Episode 6

July 27, 2016

Do you insist on spontaneity? Are you an eternal optimist? Are you alway thinking and planning your next great adventure? If so, you might be an Enneagram 7 (a.k.a. The Enthusiast).        

Today Ian and Suzanne interview Shauna Niequist, bestselling author, speaker, blogger, mother, wife, and a poster child for 7's on the Enneagram! Join them as they discuss:

  • How not to wear out those around you with your excessiveness and effusive spirit
  • How to slow down and focus enough to communicate at the level of the heart.
  • How to turn exuberance into a tool for encouragement
  • How to give yourself permission not to be a "desert monk."

How to grow up and stop taking pride in saying, "I was taken home in a shopping cart last night!"

Discover how the Enneagram helped Shauna's marriage, her relationship with her children, and how when her 7 personality is healthy it turns into a desire to provide a safe, warm, hospitable, and happy place for everyone in her life.