The Road Back to You: Looking at Life Through the Lens of the Enneagram

Learning To Express Confidence About The Things You Believe: An interview with Science Mike - Enneagram 9 (The Peacemaker) - Episode 5

July 25, 2016
In Episode 5 Ian and Suzanne interview Mike McHargue, host of the popular podcast Ask Science Mike and co-host of the podcast The Liturgists. Tune in as Science Mike dissects and explains his life as an Enneagram 9 (The Peacemaker). Before its over, you'll learn how the Enneagram can help you:
  • Assert and express yourself with confidence.
  • Be who you are rather than "merge" with the crowd. 
  • Identify and overcome your blind spots.
  • See life through the eyes of others
  • Learn how healthy conflict produces intimacy
Join Ian and Suzanne as they marvel at Science Mike's firsthand observations on why the Enneagram is such a valuable tool for developing self-knowledge and understanding relationships. It's always an adventure but today it's well scientific!